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Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy Prices More Affordable

The high cost of prescription drugs continues to be a top concern for United States consumers.
Prescription medications are much more affordable in other parts of the world.

Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy offers medication at substantially reduced prices  saving you up to 80%.
So why are their prices cheaper?

In some countries government  is prohibited by law from negotiating prices such as Medicare in the
USA and some of the other government programs. New drugs are issued a patent giving the drug
company a monopoly on sale of the drug for 20 years. The drug company is free  to set whatever price
it likes for prescription drugs. Prices are then negotiated between insurance
companies and manufacturers.

In short, drug prices at Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy  are lower because they work with pharmacies in
countries whose government regulates the price of both brand name, and generic drugs. A review board
decides on pricing and what they believe are reasonable or excessive prices. If a drug is priced too
high, they will not allow it on the drug formulary.

At your Online Canadian Pharmacy before a  prescription drug is available it must be approved by the
country’s regulatory health board, and must be scientifically reviewed to make certain that it can do
what it is supposed to do.

The U.S. and Canadian systems each present two very different models for drug pricing, neither of
which is reasonable. The Canadian system does not allow incentive for new drugs to be created.
The Canadian system results in higher pricing for brand name drugs, and as a result over 1.4 million
prescriptions are filled every day using Generic Medicines. According to the Canadian Generic
Pharmaceutical Association: CGPA
 Generic Medicines have Same Quality as Brand-name,
Same Safety as Brand-name and Same Efficacy as Brand-name and the the same active ingredients. 
Brand-name medicine and Generic-name medicine work the same way in the body and have the
same amount of active ingredient in the prescription.

The American system on the other hand results in extremely high unaffordable prices for the average
American. Even those with private, employer funded health insurance gasp at the price of some
prescription medications. After learning that the same medicine is available online in most at a
substantially reduced price often produces other emotional reactions from surprise to anger.

Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy figured that there were other customers out there that felt the same
way they did:

  • that the medication pricing their competitors charged wasn’t attractive for many use-cases
  • that just because there are hundreds of known competitors, it didn’t mean they had to target their
    customers to gain market share, they could enter and help to grow the size of the pie, not the size of their slice.

At Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy they save their customers more money by keeping their prices
affordable, keeping their overheads low, and pass the savings on to their customers, so they have the
confidence they need to choose us Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy over the competition. Every time.

About Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy

Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy is guided by five principles: customer satisfaction not competitor focus,
passion for helping their customers save money, commitment to quality of service, and a keen desire
to keeping prices affordable and pass on the saving to their loyal customers.
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That was a long read, but hopefully you now know Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy a little better.

Now, if you are thinking of ordering your medication online, even in the smallest quantity, and you
think that you can get a better price and service elsewhere, and can provide a better service; then they
say go for it!

Don’t believe the myths out there about accreditation by independently owned non-government
voluntary accreditation programs. They are not associated with or mandated by any governmental body.
And in most cases have a beneficial and vested interest in the pharmacies whom they have accredited
with their own seal of approval. The laws, regulations, policies and practices governing international
pharmacies vary from country to country. Read the fine print and don’t listen to the negative press
releases put out by these associations or naysayers, they don’t know any more than you do – and
often less. All our suppliers and contracted associate pharmacies adhere to strict  guidelines of the
Ministry of Health in their country of origin.  

Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy customers have spoken loud and clear, their  exceptional service is their
channel of choice – and one needs to be where their customers are, when customers need them the

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Rx Drugs
Media Hotline

Several drugs, in particular, have become very common – a key example of this is kamarga, a generic
drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. It costs are much more affordable then other drugs. The active
ingredient of Kamarga is sildenafil. Viagra, a popular brand-name drug, used for the same purpose, also
uses sildenafil as its active ingredient. The difference lies in price, with the latter costing $60 – over
12 times kamarga’s cost. At you purchase it at less the half the price. 

Other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence is Generic Cialis that has tadalafil as its
active ingredient and costs under $2. On the other hand, its brand-name version, Cialis, costs about
$30 a dose – 15 times greater than tadarise, despite having the same active ingredient and you can
buy it online at substantial lower costs at

Finpecia, a generic drug used to address male pattern baldness, can be purchased for much cheaper
at but brand-name versions like, Proscar and Propecia, cost much more and
you can buy the Generic Version at much more less. Again, they share the same
active ingredient, finasteride. So why waste money on the brand name drugs that only empty your

People suffer from extreme sleepiness or drowsiness as a result of narcolepsy or other sleep disorders
can manage their conditions using many different kinds of medication at substantially lower prices.

Using even the highest price for the generic, the brand-name one costs over 13 times more at your local 

Of course, the prices above may vary, depending on where they are purchased, the buyer’s insurance,
the strength of the medication; the volume of pills purchased; but, regardless, there is a very significant
difference between the prices of the generic and brand-name versions, over ten times in all the examples
discussed above. Given these price differentials, it is worth analyzing how generic and brand-name
 are the same and what the circumstances are that prompt manufacturers to price the drugs so

One of the most critical points is that generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as brand-name
drugs in equal amounts, are meant to address the same conditions in the same way, and even have the
same side effects. Their producers are held to the same manufacturing standards as those producing
brand-name drugs. However, generic drugs may be packaged or marketed differently from their
name-brand versions; they may also have differences in taste, color or some trace ingredients. In effect,
though, they must be essentially the same drug.

The drug manufacturers’ ability to price generics lower relies on the brand-name manufacturers initially
owned patent. The patent, usually lasting about 20 years, gives owners exclusive ability to produce, sell,
and, most importantly, generate more profit from these drugs. 

In practice, this translates to a monopoly – or something very close to it – for the owners of these patents,
allowing them to recoup their investments several times over. This is especially true for life-saving drugs,
for which there are no alternatives on the market, and those struggling with the conditions are likely to
exhaust all means possible to purchase the drugs, however expensive they may be.   

Once the patents expire, however, generics manufacturers are able to produce and sell the drugs and
you can get the best price on your medications at, but at much lower prices
because they did not have to invest billions of dollars during the research and development phase.
The entrance of competitors also effectively breaks the monopoly discussed above, naturally placing
downward pressure on the pricing of all manufacturers. Of course, generics manufacturers are rigorously
 screened by the US Food and Drug Administration, and other similar regulatory bodies around the
world, to ensure that generic drugs are just as safe and effective as their brand-name counterpart. 

Over the years, generic drugs have become increasingly widespread, in no large part due to their
dramatically lower cost. In the United States, a reported 88% of all prescriptions are for generic drugs;
it is estimated that the US health-care system saved $254 billion through the use of generic drugs
(as opposed to their brand-name versions).

A company like can procure a generic drugs at an affordable price and save you
over 80% on your medications, and best of all their motto is nobody beats their prices.

Nonetheless, there are still reports of medical professionals supposedly counseling their patients to
purchase generic-name versions at significant savings. These are, in turn, attributed mainly to pressure,
or incentives, from pharmaceuticals producing brand-name drugs that want to continue to keep their hold
over captive markets. However, it is also true that require you to obtain a
prescription from your doctor. If you require medication your  prescriptions for generic versions of the
brand-name drugs if requested by you from your doctor is very simple. Online reputable pharmacies like are also likely to procure drugs at the best prices from a regulated pharmacy in the
country of origin long as these are permitted by national laws and international regulatory bodies saving
you a lot of money on your prescription medication

The initial investment required for the research and development process for the drugs is often cited as
the primary reason to allow brand-name manufacturers to sell their drugs at such high prices. Hence,
governments and regulatory bodies are often caught between making medicines as easily accessible
as possible and protecting the profit-making capacities of pharmaceuticals to ensure that they continue
their research and development efforts to improve the drug regimes for various diseases. 


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Generic or Brand?

So the question now is, if your doctor or pharmacist offers you a generic form of your current medication,
should you take it? The short answer in most cases is, yes.

“Brand-name medications are not always better. Many of them are highly expensive,” says Dr. Niteesh
K. Choudhry, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and executive director of the Center for
Healthcare Delivery Sciences at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a result of this high cost, some
people may skip doses or not take a drug at all because they just can’t afford it. In this way, generics
may be a clear winner. In many states pharmacists are required to provide you with the generic version
of the medication, unless your doctor specifies otherwise.

It’s estimated that if more prescribers substituted generic for brand-name drugs, drug spending could
drop substantially, as much as $5.9 billion by some estimates, says Dr. Choudhry. In addition, there is
really no hard proof at this point that generic medications are any less effective or safe than the originals.
These drugs are heavily regulated, which can give you some assurances about quality.

While researchers will likely continue to look into the performance of generic versus brand-name drugs,
 the bulk of research out there shows that taking the no-name brand not only saves you money, but also
provides you with a medication that is just as effective as the original.

That said, if you do switch to a generic version of your medication and notice new or worrying symptoms,
it’s definitely something to bring up with your doctor.

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